Successful lead generation for franchisee Wayback Burgers


“We are a young organization and therefore need a lot of entrepreneurs. By just throwing out a fishing net you can bring in all sorts of things. Fendorse helped us to make analyses by means of focused targeting via LinkedIn,” says Daniëlle Leeman, commercial director of Wayback Burgers Netherlands. Wayback Burgers is an American franchise concept that has opened a total of 200 restaurants in 38 countries worldwide. The Netherlands was the first country in Europe to develop Wayback Burgers. Since a year Wayback Burgers is growing their brand in the Netherlands through franchising with the support of Fendorse.

The world of franchises

As commercial director, Daniëlle is responsible for the recruitment and selection of franchisees. Within this franchise world, there are a number of existing platforms that are consistently proving to be successful. For example, her colleagues in America are achieving tremendous success recruiting franchisees through Facebook. “But in the Netherlands,” says Daniëlle, “Facebook is currently more focused on a different kind of target group, which is not specifically interesting for us. So where do you find the professional who is ready for a career change? With this question in mind, Daniëlle went looking for types of companies that could generate valuable leads for her through targeted targeting. “And that is how I ended up at Fendorse.”


Together with Fendorse, we then looked at the objectives. “At the time, we had no idea about specific numbers. We had no benchmark, no frame of reference, nothing like that. With that, Fendorse did a great job of guiding us in what to expect, explaining the process and the plan of action.” Nevertheless, colleagues within Wayback Burgers were skeptical about what the result would be. After all, it was a very new concept within the franchise chain and they had no idea what to expect and whether people on LinkedIn would be open to it. Despite the uncertainty, they were still eager to see the campaign through, and with success!

“In three months, we achieved good results and we liked it, because we are still working with Fendorse today, in complete satisfaction!”

Daniëlle Leeman, Commercial director at Wayback Burgers

Satisfaction with the cooperation

Daniëlle finds the way of communication with Fendorse very pleasant. The nice thing about it is that all leads are passed on via a joint WhatsApp group. Daniëlle has chosen for this so they can immediately anticipate on a potential lead. A quick update is also nice because you can work in a very targeted way. “By giving all the attention and energy to it, the conversion rate is high. The value Danielle gets back from this is most important to her.

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