We deliver the complete picture.  

To ensure consistent growth, we look at your entire sales and marketing landscape. 

Because of their connectivity and the wealth of digital information at your (potential) client’s disposal these days, it is crucial for you to be findable and visible. So, it is vital that your ‘online’ business card is on target. They are looking for information to help make a choice or to confirm the choice they want to make. They are looking for proof of your credentials, what you do and what your company can do. 

So, what if you could outsource all this?

With our unique approach and expertise, we help make the most of your marketing landscape, so you can sit at the table with peace of mind to bring in or retain that new relationship. 

Using the latest trends and applications, Fendorse ensures that existing sales and marketing processes are digitised without compromising existing systems. Our structured approach effectively and efficiently delivers valuable, qualified leads, brand awareness and traction. Not just words, but action!

Our integrated approach

More qualified leads and total addressable market mapping

Create more reach and ongoing visibility within your target market

Get more out of your existing relationships

Benefit from shared knowledge

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“I am very happy with the results and I think everything was handled very proficiently. Fendorse is fast, accessible, efficient and personal.”

Annette Bakker, Regional Director, NLInvesteert North Holland

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