Societal involvement

Corporate social responsibility goes hand in hand with our mission to help SMEs digitize sales and marketing activities. We also try to do our bit for society, because in our experience every company is partly responsible for this.

Fendorse founder Fenna Zandvliet makes a voluntary contribution to the project JINC: Ondernemen, doe je zo! Here, the emphasis is on sharing knowledge & experience in the field of entrepreneurship as well as building self-confidence.

Fendorse has obtained the status of Erkend Leerbedrijf from SBB. Fendorse gives students the opportunity to do their internship here and to complete it successfully. In this way, students get the opportunity to grow personally and professionally and gain many insights into the further course of their career.

Fendorse founder Fenna Zandvliet has also been officially appointed as external examiner at the Business School of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences for one of the following CE communities: Global Marketing & Sales – GMS, Creative Marketing & Sales – CMS, Marketing of Social Business – MOS.

Want to know more about the initiatives and ambitions within Fendorse? Or have you become interested and want to get in touch for a new proposal or initiative, feel free to contact us via this page.