”Can’t you do this for us as well?”

A common question asked to Fenna, founder of Fendorse, throughout her professional career. ‘This’ means cold acquisition. Simply getting a foot in the door. Creating coffee appointments. By combining all her knowledge and experience the concept was born: Fendorse.

An integral, result-oriented service with one goal in mind: generating leads.

You don’t have to have studied higher mathematics to realize that attracting new customers and serving existing customers better is crucial for a company to grow. Whether you are a trendy start-up or a well-established SME. However, many B2B companies fail to maximize their potential. They are constantly improving their product or service, but not their marketing and sales processes. With efficient and advanced methods and applications Fendorse helps SMEs to continuously create leads and traction.

The team, of our own specialists and affiliated business partners, consists of 5 areas of expertise: marketing, sales, technology, design and copywriters. Meet our experts who make sure you are seen and reach the table.

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