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Direct marketing

We make sure you get a seat at the table!

Fendorse supports SMB businesses (B2B) in achieving maximum market returns, both for new and existing relationships. With our powerful direct marketing through various channels, we make an impact together!


Expanding online network


Up-to-date contact information


Valuable market information

By employing the latest sales techniques, Fendorse ensures that your acquisition process is executed on a weekly basis without compromising existing systems and accounts. It is carried out in your name, preserving the value and directly visible in your sales funnel. We work with, among others.


Access to up-to-date data from approximately 3.2 million companies in the Netherlands.


More than 10,000+ quality appointments achieved.

Frequently asked questions.

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In consultation with the client, a specific target audience is determined. We designate only interested parties within this target audience as leads.

There are several factors that make multiple landing pages more effective, such as for different events, diverse target audiences, or multiple types of products/services. In addition to these landing pages, social media and email are used to increase traffic to the website.

Fendorse maintains a real-time dashboard at all times, where you can view and track all leads through your personal login. Additionally, depending on how we define a lead, we can directly input contact information into the calendars of relevant individuals within your company. We can also communicate through email notifications for prompt follow-up. Depending on the customer's CRM system, in most cases, a lead can be directly entered into the CRM along with the corresponding contact information.

We make sure you get noticed

Through content marketing

Fendorse provides advice, creates, and implements the content marketing strategy. Whether it's market news or original content, Fendorse takes care of the end-to-end execution along with thorough analysis.

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We ensure that you are heard

Inbound and outbound telemarketing

Fendorse answers all incoming and outgoing calls so that all questions are addressed on behalf of the organization.

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We ensure that you can excel

Design en creation

Whether you're looking for an impressive sales brochure, a captivating one-pager, or a fully personalized WordPress website, we understand what appeals to you and make it a reality!

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