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Content marketing

We make sure you get noticed.

At Fendorse, we are the masters of content marketing. We advise, create, and execute your strategy. Whether it’s market news or unique content, we take care of the complete implementation and thorough analysis. Let us bring your content story to life, from A to Z!

Content strategy

Content is king, but strategy is queen. Without a solid content strategy, content doesn’t reach its full potential.


High-quality content with a powerful design for a professional look and feel.


Continuously measuring, analyzing, improving, and evaluating for optimal results.

Discover our unique working method

At Fendorse, we employ a structured approach that seamlessly integrates into existing marketing processes without disrupting them. This results in continuous growth of brand awareness and a valuable online authority position.

Together, we build your success story!

“Agency that takes care of things well, really delves into our services and needs, thus contributing positively to our positioning online.”
Christian Schütte

Christian Schütte

Partner Ami

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Frequently asked questions.

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The foundation is built upon using LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and the organization’s own channels such as the website, newsletter, etc.

More brand awareness, increased website traffic, and engagement on social media. Ultimately, this results in more leads through increased and improved conversions.

Ideally, we give well-performing organic posts an extra boost within the target audience through the use of advertising budget. Additionally, we can also target and validate specific new target groups in the Netherlands and beyond.

We make sure you get a seat at the table!

Through direct marketing

We understand that a week filled with interesting appointments with potential clients is your preference. On a weekly basis, we ensure that this is arranged on your behalf!

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We ensure you are heard

Inbound and outbound telemarketing

Fendorse answers all incoming and outgoing phone calls to ensure that all questions are answered on behalf of the organization.

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We ensure that you can excel

Design and creation

Whether you’re looking for an impressive sales brochure, a catchy one-pager, or a fully personalized WordPress website, we understand what appeals to you and make it a reality!

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